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How To Choose The Right Size Thimble

Updated: May 1, 2023

Not sure which size thimble will fit you best? Download the chart below to help you find the perfect fit for your sewing thimble. Once you have your size, head on over to shop for thimbles and you'll be safely sewing in no time.

Choose The Right Size Thimble | Thimble Sizing | How To Measure Your Thimble Size
It's quick and easy to measure your thimble size so you can get the right fit.


Our metal thimbles are available in two types of metal materials: brass thimbles and nickel-plated brass thimbles. Metal hand sewing thimbles are very durable and are often what most people think of when they think of a thimble. In fact, thimbles have been used for centuries. They were so precious that they were often gifted and collected. Choose from open sided metal thimbles, closed top metal thimbles, and open top metal thimbles.

Our rubber thimbles are available in small, medium and large sizes. The rubber scalloped sides help with fit and ventilation, and the ridged and dimpled metal cap holds the needle tip in place and pushes needles in safely. This differentiates our sewing rubber thimbles from rubber thimbles, also called thimblettes, which are often used for avoiding paper cuts when working with paper documents.

We have a large selection of leather sewing thimbles so you'll be sure to find the perfect one for you. The Clover Leather Coin Thimble features finger-molding soft leather with dimpled metal coin disk inserted at the fingertip. The Clover Double-Sided Leather Coin Thimble also features finger-molding soft leather, but the dimpled metal coin disk extends across the tip on both sides. The Clover Natural Fit Leather Thimble features no seams or stitches allowing the needle to be pushed from the tip and sides. If you don't want to measure for a thimble, then our last leather option, the Clover Leather Ring Thimble comes in a 2-pack and is adjustable to fit your finger.


If you aren't sure what size thimble you wear, use a narrow strip of paper and wrap it around the base of your fingernail. Cut the paper where the 2 ends meet and measure the length of the paper in millimeters. This size is the circumference of your finger. The thimble should be secure but not so tight as to cut off circulation. If the thimble is too loose, it will fall right off.

Your finger’s size may not be exactly the same as what is in the chart. In such cases, work with the value closest to your actual value. If you wear rings and you've noticed that sometimes it's more difficult to put your ring on, then you might want to size up or have two thimbles on hand so that you can wear the one that fits the best in at that time.

Use this handy graphical size chart to find your thimble size.

How To Measure Your Thimble Size | How To Find The Right Thimble Size | Thimble Sizing Chart

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