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How To Install Bag Zipper Ends

Updated: Apr 9

Looking for an easy way to finish the ends of bag zippers or cords? Installing a Zipper End or Cord End is one method that will give you the professional finish you want in just a few easy steps! Zipper Ends (also known as zipper end caps) are great for use on recessed bag or pouch zippers and drawstring cords. In this post, we'll show you how to easily install Zipper Ends and Cord Ends, with a handy downloadable step-by-step guide for reference. Find Zipper Ends and more bag hardware at WAWAK.


 Zipper Ends | Cord Ends | Zipper End Caps
Finish off bag zipper and cord ends with a few easy steps using metal zipper end caps.


1. Fold The Zipper

First, fold the ends of the zipper tape to fit the end cap. To do so, flip the zipper over to the back and fold one side of the tape towards the center, behind the zipper teeth. Do the same with the other side of the tape, then fold this side a second time for a neat, tight fold. If you're using the end cap for a cord, you can skip this step.

2. Add Glue

Add a few drops of glue inside the end cap for an extra secure hold. Any liquid glue that can adhere to metal will work, like this Industrial Strength Glue.

3. Insert The Zipper Or Cord

Slide the folded end of the zipper or the end of the cord into the glue-coated end cap. If using a zipper, make sure the bottom of the end cap (the flat side with a small hole) is facing the same direction as the back of the zipper.

4. Use The Screw To Secure

Insert the included end screw into the small hole on the back of the end cap. Screw with a small screwdriver until tight and secure, and you're finished!

Use this handy graphical how-to guide to install Zipper Cord Ends.

How To Install A Zipper End | How To Install Zipper End Caps | Zipper Cord Ends

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