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WAWAK Iron Shoe Size Chart

Updated: Feb 7

Not sure which Iron Shoe fits your iron? Download the chart below to help you find the perfect fit for your domestic or industrial iron. For most domestic or home irons, the Universal Fit Iron Shoe is a good match; for industrial irons, find the make and model of your iron on our Iron Shoe Chart to find the best possible fit.

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Our iron shoes are thick with a non-stick long-lasting baked on coating.


WAWAK deluxe non-stick iron shoes simply slide over your iron. Iron shoes help prevent fabric scorching and fusible build up – keeping the bottom of your iron clean. A flexible spring will hold the iron shoe in place for a snug fit on your industrial iron. If you do a lot of ironing, or just like the feel of premium, opt for our non-stick double coated iron shoes. They have a thicker coating that lasts longer.

Choose from Standard Iron Shoes or Double Coated Iron Shoes.

Use this handy graphical size chart to compare WAWAK Iron Shoe Sizes.

WAWAK Iron Shoe Sizes | Iron Shoe Size Chart | Iron Shoes

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