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Bobbin Size Chart

Updated: Jun 4

Judging by their appearance alone, it might be hard to imagine that bobbins are so integral to sewing. But these simple sewing notions are an essential part of every stitch! Learn more about bobbin sizing and finding the correct bobbin for your sewing machine, and download our handy Bobbin Size Chart below.

Metal bobbins and bobbin cases on a sewing table.
Determine which bobbin size you need with our Bobbin Size Chart.


To ensure that your sewing machine runs correctly, you'll need the right bobbin style for your specific sewing machine. There are many types of bobbins, sometimes specific to certain brands or machines, and they're generally not interchangeable. Luckily, there are multiple ways to figure out which bobbin you need!

Check your sewing machine's manual for the required bobbin model or type to start. This is the most reliable way to find the correct bobbin for your sewing machine. If you don't have access to your machine's manual, you can also reference a bobbin that came with your sewing machine— if you're lucky, it might be labeled with the bobbin's class or model. If not, you can still measure the bobbin and use a size chart like the one below to determine what type of bobbin is appropriate for your sewing machine.

Bobbin Classes

The different styles of bobbins are known as bobbin classes. Bobbin classes vary in shape, size, and weight depending on the inner workings of the sewing machine it's used for. Some of the most common bobbin classes you might come across include Class 15 bobbins, L-style bobbins, and M-style bobbins, but many others are also in use today.

L-Style Bobbins

One popular style of bobbin in domestic sewing machines and some industrial machines is an L-style bobbin. These bobbins have a diameter of 13/16" and measure 11/32" wide. L-style bobbins have the same diameter as Class 15 bobbins, so in a pinch, they can sometimes be used in sewing machines that use Class 15 bobbins. (Class 15 bobbins cannot fit in an L-style sewing machine, though.)

Class 15 Bobbins (A-Style)

Measuring 13/16" in diameter and 7/16" in width, Class 15 bobbins are another style of bobbin commonly found in home sewing machines.

M-Style Bobbins

Commercial sewing machines sometimes have larger bobbins capable of holding more thread at once, like the M-style bobbin. Commonly used in industrial sewing machines, M-Style bobbins have a diameter of approximately 1" and a width of 7/16".

Bobbin Materials

Like its size, a bobbin's material is not interchangeable. Switching between metal and plastic bobbins (or mixing different bobbin and bobbin case materials) can interfere with thread tension or disrupt the sewing machine's smooth operation. As with bobbin size, your best bet for finding which material you need is to check your sewing machine manual or reference a bobbin or bobbin case that came with the machine.


Use the size chart below to help determine which bobbin style you need for your sewing machine. Print the chart on standard 8.5"x11" letter-sized paper for a to-scale reference guide. Using the provided graphics, you can quickly measure the width and diameter of your bobbin. Then, locate the corresponding measurements on the chart to see bobbins that are the same size. Use your findings to determine the correct bobbin for your sewing machine, and you're all set! Head to WAWAK to find the bobbin you need, plus plenty of spares for different thread colors. Still not sure which bobbin is compatible with your machine? At WAWAK, you can also shop for bobbins by machine manufacturer and model using our handy "filter by manufacturer" tool to help narrow down your search!

Use this handy bobbin size chart to help determine the size required for your sewing machine.

WAWAK Bobbin Size Reference Guide | Bobbin Size Chart
Our Bobbin Size Reference Guide includes size details for specific bobbins by stock number, plus a visual representation of bobbin diameters and widths.

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Oct 13, 2023

Do you sell Brother Bobbins SA155 if so how much are they? If not what will work in my Disney sewing/embroidery machine? thanks

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