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Bra Cup Size Chart

Updated: Jun 5

Need to find the right size bra cup for a dress, swimsuit, or undergarment? We've got you covered. Learn to quickly measure bra cup size and use our handy bra cup size chart to determine what you need! Once you're confident in choosing for your project, shop WAWAK's wide selection of Bra Cups to find the one that's the perfect shape, color and fit.

WAWAK Sewing Supplies Bra Cups | How To Measure Bra Cup Size | Bra Cup Size Chart
Use these handy bra cup size charts to determine exactly what size you need for your sewing project.


Bra cup sizing can seem tricky, but it's easy to figure out what cup size you should use for a project with only a flexible measuring tape. To measure bra cup size, you'll need to take two measurements: the full-bust and the under-bust measurement. If you're sewing for yourself, this is easy enough to do on your own in a mirror or with help from another person.

First, take the under-bust measurement by measuring just under the bust line, where a bra band would sit. Make sure your measuring tape is snug but comfortable and parallel to the floor.

Then, find the full-bust measurement by measuring around the fullest part of the chest in the same way. To find the cup size, subtract the under-bust measurement from the full-bust measurement, rounding up to the nearest whole number if needed.

This difference between the two measurements corresponds to a standard letter size. Not all bra cups measure exactly the same, but you can get a solid estimate of the bra cup size you'll need using this measurement and the chart below.

Bra cup size measurement chart
1 inch: Cup Size A, 2 inches: B, 3 inches: C, 4 inches: D, 5 inches: DD (E), 6 inches: DDD (F), 7 inches: G, 8 inches: H

If you're looking for a more exact measurement of a bra cup's size, or want an idea of how different bra cup sizes compare, check out our downloadable Bra Cup Size Chart below! We know it can be difficult to tell the exact size online, so this chart provides the products' actual measurements in inches.


When it's time to choose a bra cup for your project, WAWAK Sewing Supplies is the perfect place to do it. At WAWAK, we offer a wide variety of bra cup sizes and styles so you can find the perfect fit for any project.

Bra Cup Sizes

Once you've got your measurements, WAWAK makes it easy to find the correct bra cup size for your project. Choose from a large selection of bra cups ranging from cup sizes A-H or Small-XL. Quick Tip: when shopping on our site, you can make use of the "size" filter on the left side of the page to narrow your results down to all of the styles available in your desired size!

Bra Cup Styles

Whether you need a bra insert, swimsuit padding, or added support for a top or dress, WAWAK is sure to have a bra cup style that fits your design. Choose a bra cup style that fits your desired neckline shape, support level, and garment use. Some bra cups feature a serged edge—these are better suited for applications that will lie flat against the skin, as the edge is a bit softer and more comfortable. Non-Serged bra cups are great to use as inserts. Here's a quick look at the bra cup styles we offer at WAWAK:

Half-Pad Bra Cups (also known as Demi-Pad) are the lowest-cut bra pads, great for demi bras, low-cut swimsuits, lingerie, and other garments with less coverage on the top half of the bust line.

Low-Cut Bra Cups are lower-cut, with a bit more coverage than half-pad cups. They're perfect for low-cut garments like swimsuits, plunge dresses, lingerie, and more.

Full-coverage and lightweight, Molded Foam Bra Cups are ideal for everyday garments like swimwear, dresses, and tops. These bra cups are on the firm side, with low padding.

Molded Gel Bra Cups feature a heavier gel padding that offers firm support and shaping. Since they're a bit heavier and more supportive, gel cups are ideal for formalwear like strapless gowns and dresses.

Push-Up Cups have extra padding on the bottom half that helps add shape to the bust line. They're great for a variety of garments where the push-up shape is desired--try foam push-up cups for lighter and everyday garments, or the gel version for formalwear or garments that require more support.

If you're looking for a general-use bra cup, Round Bra Cups are they style you want. These all-purpose foam bra pads are a great way to add a bit of smoothness and support to a variety of garments.

With their distinct tear drop shape, Teardrop Bra Cups are great for adding full coverage to v-neck or halter-top style necklines on dresses, tops, swimwear, and more.


Use this handy chart to see the actual measurements of different bra cup sizes.

WAWAK Sewing Supplies Bra Cup Size Chart | Bra Cup Size Chart | How To Measure Bra Cup Size
This Bra Cup Size Chart features measurements for tear drop, round, push-up, low-cut, gel, and half pad bra cups ranging from sizes A-H.

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