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Hook & Eyes Size Chart

Updated: May 1, 2023

If you've used hook and eyes in your sewing, you know these tiny fasteners can do big things! Whether you're finishing a gown zipper, closing a coat, or securing a bra band, the right hook and eyes can help you create the perfect closure. Check out our actual-size Hook & Eyes Size Chart below to choose the right size for your project, then head to WAWAK to find it! With all the styles and sizes we offer, you're sure to find the hook and eyes you need.

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Choose a perfectly-sized closure for your next project with our Hook & Eyes Size Chart.


Hook and eyes are available in sizes 0-3, with zero being the smallest and three being the largest. You can find the full range of hook and eye sizes at WAWAK:

In general, it's a good idea to choose a lighter hook and eye for lighter fabrics and a heavier hook and eye for heavier fabrics. Keep in mind how much stress the hook and eye will have to withstand, as well as how large of an area you want to close; wider areas might require more (rather than larger) hook and eyes. Bulky projects like coats and pants might also require larger, more specific hook and eye types like Coat/Fur Hook and Eyes or Skirt/Pant Hook and Eyes, which we'll talk about next. For exact measurements and a visual reference of each size, check out our Hook & Eye Size Chart at the bottom of this post.


Depending on your project type, size might not be the only thing you have to consider when choosing hook and eyes! Some projects might be more suited for a different style of hook and eye depending on fabric weight, how much strain is on the closure, or how the fabric edges meet. Here's our breakdown of the different styles of hook and eyes available:

Standard Hook and Eyes are the most classic style, suited for most applications where you might need a hook and eye. Common uses for these fasteners include closing cuffs and collars, finishing a zipper closure, adding to a button front shirt to reduce strain, fastening bras and lingerie, and more. They're available in basic colors like black or nickel and feature a traditional rounded hook. Two styles of eyes are available for standard hook and eyes: round or straight. Straight eyes are used for overlapping edges, where the closure is completely hidden. Round eyes are better for edges that meet but don't overlap. For corsets, bras, or other garments that require a lot of hook and eyes, you also have the convenient option of Hook and Eye Tape, which consists of rows of standard hook and eyes pre-sewn onto rolls of fabric.

For bridal sewing, these are the fasteners you want. Wedding Gown Hook and Eyes are similar to standard hook and eyes but feature a white enamel finish to match wedding gown fabrics. They're also available with a rounded or squared design. These fasteners are great for placing at the top of a gown zipper to offset some of the horizontal stress, as well as fastening cuffs, necklines, bodices, belts, bustles, and more.

These specialty hook and eyes are recognizable by their extra-large size. Fur/Coat Hook and Eyes are used for large, usually hidden, closures like those on fur coats and wraps, coats, and jackets. They're large enough to use with heavier materials without adding too much bulk or weight to your project. Fur Hook and Eyes have a poly fabric covering to help prevent snagging and protect the delicate materials they might rub against.

If you need something heavier-duty for your closure, you might consider a type of Hook and Eye that's different from the rest: the Skirt/Pant Hook and Eye, sometimes known as a waistband hook and bar. These larger, stronger fasteners can tolerate more stress than a standard hook and eye and lie almost flat in an overlapping closure. They're typically used on lapped zippers and waistbands for pants and skirts, and placed on the inside of the band so the hardware is hidden while in use. Heavy-duty and extra-wide hook and bars are also available for projects that might have to withstand more use or strain.

Use this handy graphical size chart to find the right Hook & Eye size.

Hook & Eye Size Chart | Hook & Eye Closures | Hook & Eye Sizing

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