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Button Loop Size Chart

When you've got a large bridal or gown project with lots of buttons, the last thing you want to do is install every button loop one by one! Save time on installing rows of button loops with ready-made button loop trim. At WAWAK, we offer non-elastic and elastic button loops in a variety of sizes—use our handy chart below to visually compare them and pick the perfect size for your project.

White elastic button loops for bridal gowns
Find the right size Button Loops for your button closure with our Button Loop Size Chart.


Button Loops, sometimes known as Rouleau Loops, consist of ready-to-use loops attached to a strip of material called the loop header. They are, of course, ideal for use with buttons and commonly found on garments like bridal gowns and other formal attire. You'll often see them paired with fabric-covered bridal buttons to form a classic, elegant closure where long rows of buttons are required, like gown backs. Using pre-made button loops is a great way to save time on adding loops or buttonholes to a garment and easily ensure even spacing and uniformity between all your button loops. Button Loops are available in a variety of sizes and two main styles: elastic and non-elastic.

Button Loops consist of two main parts: the loops and the header. The loops consist of the actual loops of elastic or material that hold the button in place, and the header is the strip of material they're attached to. Elastic Button Loops feature elastic loops attached to a non-polyester header. As the loop itself is a bit more rigid than Non-Elastic Button Loops, this trim is typically used mainly for securing buttons, especially on gown backs and sleeves.

Non-Elastic Button Loops feature non-elastic polyester loops and either an elastic or non-elastic header. This versatile button loop trim is ideal for button closures, but is also often used to create corset-style laced closures or attachment points for items like veils, trains, and decorative accessories.


Maybe you're striving for that classic gown back with a long row of small, closely positioned buttons—or maybe you'd prefer fewer larger buttons in your design. No matter which look you're going for, choosing the perfect button loop size and spacing is essential to your gown's style and function. Print the handy button loop size chart below on standard 8.5"x 11" letter-sized paper for a to-scale reference of our button loop sizes and spacings to help you find the perfect fit. Once you've decided on the size you need, check out WAWAK's selection of Button Loops to get started!

Use this handy graphical size chart to find the right Button Loop Size and Spacing.

WAWAK Button Loops Size Chart | Button Loop Spacing Chart

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