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Button Size Chart

Updated: May 1

Maybe you’ve been confused by button sizing in the past, or maybe it’s something you never even considered until it was time to find buttons for a project. Either way, we’ve got the answers you need right here! Check out our handy Button Size Chart below to find all of the info you need at a glance.

Two rolls of interfacing on professional sewing workroom table
Buttons come in many sizes. Our Button Size Chart can help you pick the best one for your project.


Measuring Buttons

A button’s size simply refers to its diameter, or for non-circular buttons, the width of the button at its longest point. Though the most accurate way to measure a button is with a specialized tool, you can get a pretty close measurement using a seam gauge or by measuring straight across a button lying flat.

Units of Measurement


Traditionally, buttons are measured using ligne, a unit of measurement which dates back to button makers as far back as the 9th century and is still in standard use today. You might have seen it before—the abbreviation “L” (14L or 20L, for example) on a sewing button represents its size in ligne. A 40L button is equal to one inch or 25mm in diameter, making 1 ligne equal to 0.635mm. (We know, it's not the easiest conversion to remember—hopefully our Button Size Chart can help!)


It's also common to see buttons measured in millimeters. At WAWAK, we provide a button’s size in both ligne and millimeters on our site to help you get the best idea of what you’ll be receiving before you order.


See button sizes for yourself with our Button Size Chart! This handy size chart features an actual-size graphic to help you visualize a button’s size, as well as measurements in ligne and millimeters for the most commonly used button sizes. Not sure which size you need for your project? Our Button Size Chart also includes standard uses for different button sizes to help you get started. Once you’ve settled on a button size, be sure to check out WAWAK’s wide selection of quality sewing Buttons.


Use this handy button size chart to help determine what size works best for your project.

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