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Choosing The Best Tailors Chalk For Your Project

Updated: Jun 5

Tailors chalk comes in handy when outlining patterns for cutting, or when quickly marking hemlines. Chalk is a very important tool to have in your sewing arsenal, but which is the best chalk to use? There are so many to choose from! As always when using chalks, remember to pre-test all fabric if not you’re not sure. Materials react differently to the oils in the wax chalks. Test on an inconspicuous spot before applying to the rest of the material. Apply lightly when using clay based or wax chalks.

Wax Tailors Chalk | Sewing Chalk | Tailors Chalk
Use WAWAK Wax Tailors Chalk to mark garments. Remove with an iron.


For thinner materials, and materials that cannot withstand a lot of heat/steam like most synthetic materials – use a clay based chalk. The clay chalk is brushed off the material.

For thicker fabrics that can withstand the heat and steam, a wax based chalk is a good choice. When wax chalk is used on soft porous fibers, wax chalk tends to be dispersed into the fibers and “disappears” on the fabric.

Worried about images being left on a garment? You may want to try disappearing chalk. Hidden Glow is great for fabrics that shouldn’t be ironed. You can only see it under a black light so the mark is not removed. This is great for swimsuits.

Use this handy selection guide to compare the Tailors Chalk we have at WAWAK.

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