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Guide To Gutermann Threads

Updated: May 1, 2023

Sewers everywhere love Gutermann threads for their strength, color and quality. But which thread is the best for your next project? Check out our breakdown of different Gutermann threads below to see how different Gutermann threads are used. Plus, save our handy Gutermann Thread guide to reference any time you need it!

Gutermann Thread Guide | Gutermann Thread Types
Check out the guide below for our breakdown on which Gutermann Thread to use for your projects.


Gutermann Mara is a truly all-purpose thread: it’s available in a large variety of weights, and its strength and smooth finish make this thread suitable for so many applications. Very light weights of Gutermann Mara, like Mara 220, can be used for fine seams and serging. Lightweight Mara threads (like Mara 150 and 120) are perfect for fine garment sewing like blouses, swimwear, lingerie, and other light clothing. The most popular Gutermann Mara weight is the versatile Mara 100, a medium-weight thread ideal for general sewing, including garments, home textiles, and more. Mara 70 is a bit heavier than Mara 100 and is another general-use medium-weight thread. For heavy-duty projects, you’ll want to try a thicker Gutermann Mara thread like Mara 50, Mara 35, or Mara 30. These heavy-weight threads work for everything from buttonholes and topstitching to sewing leather goods, outdoor gear, and upholstery. Gutermann Mara is even available in extra-heavy weights like Mara 15, Mara 11, and Mara 8, which are ideal for leather, suitcases, tents, and other heavy projects.

Gutermann Skala is a semi-transparent polyester thread mainly used for blind hemming and stitching. This lightweight thread helps create seams that blend into the fabric for that “almost invisible” seam. Its lightest weight, Skala 360, can be used for blind hemming, hand stitching, and serging or as a bobbin thread. In addition to blind hemming, medium-weight Skala (Skala 200) is applicable for closing overlock seams, safety seams, and fine hemming. Heavier-weight blind hemming thread, like Skala 240, can also be used for hand stitching or serging fabrics.

Gutermann Invisible Thread is a transparent nylon thread that easily blends in with a material’s color for invisible seams. It’s similar to a blind stitching thread but with added transparency, strength, and flexibility. Invisible thread is suitable for use in apparel, drapery, fashion accessories, beading and cording, hemming, linens, multi-colored fabrics, quilts, and more.

Gutermann Mara rPET is comparable in strength, look, and feel to the classic Gutermann Mara, but it's made of 100% recycled materials! Like Gutermann Mara 100, its medium weight (Mara 100 rPET) is suited for a variety of uses, including home textiles, menswear & womenswear, leisurewear, and more. Or, try heavier weights like Mara 30 rPET or 50 rPET for dense fabrics and heavier projects like upholstery, outdoor gear, and leather.

Highly elastic Gutermann MaraFlex is a must-have for stretch sewing. This medium-weight thread can be used as a top and/or bottom thread for many materials, including stretch woven fabrics and highly elastic knitted textiles. Common uses include trouser seats and visible stretch decorative seams.

Smooth and durable, Gutermann Tera is the thread that holds up to wear and tear. Its excellent abrasion resistance and high breaking strength mean this thread has what it takes to withstand high-friction sewing! That means less fraying and breakage, even for dense materials like leather and canvas. Lighter weights of Gutermann Tera, like Tera 80, are applicable for projects like boat covers, flags, small leather goods, outdoor gear, and lightweight canvas. Heavier-weight Tera 60 is great for sewing bags, leather goods, and upholstery. Or, for heavy-duty projects like carpets, shoes, leather goods, and technical textiles, an even heavier weight like Tera 40 or Tera 30 might work best.

This sparkling statement thread almost speaks for itself! Gutermann Metallic threads feature a metallic finish perfect for adding a bit of shine to embroidery or decorative topstitching. Gutermann Metallic thread is ideal for adding a decorative element to topstitching, monogramming, outerwear, household textiles, leisurewear, and more.

Gutermann Silk is made with 100% silk, giving this thread a beautiful sheen and softness. Applicable for almost any fabric type, silk thread is ideal for sewing buttonholes, decorative stitches, and fine seams. Heavier weights of silk thread, like our Tex 75 Gutermann Silk, are also great for closing seams on fine or delicate clothing and overlock/safety seams.

Use this handy chart of Gutermann Thread uses to select a Gutermann thread for your next project.

Gutermann Thread Uses | Gutermann Thread Guide

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