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Gutermann Mara Thread Color Chart

Updated: Oct 4

Did you know Gutermann Mara Thread is available in 400 colors? That's right—our most popular all-purpose thread offers a full spectrum of brilliant colors in addition to its superb sewability. Check out the printable color chart below to find the perfect hue for your next project, and shop Gutermann Mara Thread at WAWAK.

Gutermann Mara All-Purpose Sewing Threads in a variety of colors
Download our Gutermann Mara Thread Color Chart to reference colors before you order.


A testament to Gutermann's over 150 years of thread manufacturing, Gutermann Mara is a high-quality sewing thread in no uncertain terms. This innovative all-purpose thread is made using Micro Core Technology, which creates a thread with outstanding strength, abrasion resistance, a silk-like sheen, and minimal lint. That means durable, smooth, and uniform stitches with a luminous finish—it's no wonder that Gutermann Mara is a favorite among sewers everywhere! Plus, this thread is available in a broad range of colors and sizes, making it a truly all-purpose thread applicable for a wide variety of projects.

Gutermann Mara Thread Weights

Ranging from lightweight Tex 13 all the way to extra-heavy Tex 400, Gutermann Mara can be your go-to thread for nearly any project type. Gutermann Mara is available in these thread weights:

Gutermann Mara 220 (Tex 13)

Gutermann Mara 150 (Tex 20)

Gutermann Mara 120 (Tex 25)

Gutermann Mara 100 (Tex 30)

Gutermann Mara 70 (Tex 40)

Gutermann Mara 50 (Tex 60)

Gutermann Mara 35 (Tex 80)

Gutermann Mara 30 (Tex 100)

Gutermann Mara 15 (Tex 200)

Gutermann Mara 11 (Tex 265)

Gutermann Mara 8 (Tex 400)

With so many options, you're sure to find the right weight for your project!

Gutermann Mara Thread Color Packs

If you love working with Gutermann Mara, you'll probably want to order more than just one color at a time. Whether you're stocking up on your thread essentials or creating a color palette for a specific project, WAWAK's Gutermann Mara 100 Thread Packs are a great option for ordering all the colors you need at once. These packs contain different color combinations of our most popular all-purpose thread, Gutermann Mara 100 (the Tex 30 weight of Gutermann Mara). Choose from monochromatic "Shades" Color Packs, color-coordinated "Tones" Color Packs, or Gutermann Best Seller Packs, containing 25, 50, or 100 spools of our most popular Gutermann Mara 100 thread colors.

Gutermann Mara Thread Color Chart

Online or printed color charts are helpful for finding a color match, but they can have some color variance due to differing screen and print settings. For the most accurate color match, your best option is an actual-thread color chart like this Gutermann 400 Color Thread Chart. Featuring swatches of real Gutermann Mara thread, this color chart is a must-have for taking the guesswork out of color matching.

Gutermann Mara 400 Color Thread Chart


Use this handy color chart to find the Gutermann Mara Thread color you need.
WAWAK Gutermann Mara Thread 400 Color Chart

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