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Amann Saba Thread Color Chart

Fans of Amann Saba thread know that this "all-arounder" has as many colors as it has uses—which is why we've put them all together in a handy chart for your convenience. Whether you're a dedicated Amann Saba sewer or just checking out this all-purpose thread for the first time, download our Amann Saba Color Chart below to find the perfect shade for your next sewing project.

Amann Saba Real Thread Color Chart
Download our Amann Saba All-Purpose Thread Color Chart to find the perfect color match.

For a high-quality all-purpose thread that's just as suited for embroidery as it is for garment sewing, Amann Saba is a great choice. This 100% polyester thread is strong, abrasion-resistant, and highly sewable. With excellent sewing performance and a wide variety of colors available, this all-purpose thread is suitable for a range of applications for apparel and other projects, including closing seams, topstitching, and even embroidery. Amann Saba is available in several medium weights; try Tex 24 and Tex 30 Amann Saba for medium to lightweight fabrics and Tex 40 Amann Saba for medium-weight fabrics.

When it comes to the perfect color match, a printed or digital color chart is helpful, but nothing beats the real thing! We strive for accuracy in our color charts, but colors on a screen or in print can vary. For the most accurate color matching possible, you'll want a real-thread chart like our Amann Saba Real Thread Color Chart. This chart features swatches of actual Amann Saba Thread in every color so you can see each hue in person before you order, ensuring you get the exact color you're looking for. If you love sewing with Amann threads, we offer real-thread color charts for more than just all-purpose thread—check out our other available Amann Real Thread Color Charts at WAWAK.

Use this handy color chart to find the Amann Saba Thread color you need.
WAWAK Amann Saba All-Purpose Thread Color Chart

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