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Webbing Strength & Size Chart

Whether you're sewing backpack straps, belts, luggage, or anything in between, choosing the right webbing ensures your straps have the strength your project needs. Check out our handy Webbing Specifications Chart below for all the details you need to find a webbing you can count on.

Black webbing strap with plastic buckle on a white cushioned background
Find the perfect webbing for your next project using our downloadable Webbing Specifications Chart.


Even if you've never used it in your sewing, you're probably somewhat familiar with webbing, whether you know it or not! This durable material is used in all sorts of everyday objects: backpack straps, pet collars, seatbelts, lanyards—all of these items are constructed from different types of webbing. Webbing consists of a flat strip of dense, tightly woven fabric. Its closely woven structure gives this material its characteristic strength and durability, making it ideal for reinforcement and projects bearing weight. When choosing webbing for your project, it's a good idea to consider its material, width, and tensile strength to find the best option. To compare these and more specific details about different types of webbing, you can easily download or print the chart below! But first, let's take a more general look at the qualities of several webbing materials and how you can use them in your projects.


Polypropylene Webbing is a durable and economical option perfect for everyday objects like tote bags, backpack straps, and bag handles. Though it's not as strong as nylon, Polypropylene Webbing is water-resistant, making it a good choice for objects that might get wet. It features a smooth, shiny finish and excellent colorfastness and is available in medium or heavy weight for use with different fabric weights. Because it consists of synthetic material, you can also conveniently finish the cut edges of this webbing by carefully heating the ends to melt the fibers together.

For a softer look and more customizability in color, cotton webbing is the perfect choice. Cotton can't hold as much weight as other webbing materials, but it offers a softer natural-fiber look ideal for items like totes, handbags, home décor, belts, and crafts. Plus, it's dyeable! Choose the "natural" color of our cotton webbing to dye this material to the exact hue you want. Finish cut ends on cotton webbing with a simple zigzag stitch to prevent fraying and unraveling.

If your project requires more strength and a bit of flexibility, Nylon Webbing might be the best option. This durable, flexible webbing is ideal for heavy-duty applications, sporting gear and equipment, and projects that need to be able to bear weight. Try Nylon Webbing for items like backpack straps, sporting goods, lanyards, pet collars, leashes, and more. Nylon Webbing absorbs water and has the potential to stretch and weaken when wet for extended periods of time, so it might not be the best choice for all outdoor projects. Like Polypropylene, Nylon Webbing can be finished using heat.

Though similar in its materials to Nylon Webbing, Seatbelt Nylon Webbing has a distinctly different look. Broad and flat, with a smooth finish and flexible feel, Seatbelt webbing has a very high breaking strength and excels where heavy-duty straps are concerned. It's often used in upholstery to reinforce the underside of a seat, or as a seat itself on items like lawn chairs. It's also ideal as a wide strap for projects like messenger bags, luggage straps, and more. Seatbelt Webbing is not intended for seat belt use in motor vehicles or as a safety restraint.


For more exact specifications about the strength and size of each type of webbing you can view, print, or download our full Webbing Specifications Chart Below. Many webbings are available in different widths or thicknesses, which are also accounted for on the chart to help you narrow down the exact webbing style and size that's best for your project. Once you've found the perfect fit, head to WAWAK to have it delivered to your doorstep ASAP with our super-fast shipping!

Use this handy chart to find the perfect webbing for your project.

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