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Isacord Thread Color Chart

Updated: May 1, 2023

Finding a good color match in your favorite machine embroidery thread isn't always easy. Luckily, we've got you covered with this handy Isacord Thread Color Chart! Isacord Embroidery Threads are available in a large selection of colors, and you can reference them all using the downloadable color chart below. Looking to stock up on Isacord or grab a few colors for your next project? Find Isacord Embroidery Thread and more high-quality embroidery threads at WAWAK.

Isacord Thread Chart | Isacord Embroidery Thread | Isacord Color Chart
Download our Isacord Thread Color Chart to reference colors before you order.


When it comes to machine embroidery, you need a thread that can endure high sewing speeds, repeated washes, and frequent wears without losing its color and shine. Isacord Embroidery Threads are made to do just that. These polyester embroidery threads are durable enough for embroidering everything from corporate wear to automotive interiors. They're abrasion-resistant and industrial wash resistant, with excellent colorfastness to help keep your designs looking their best long after they've left your workroom. Plus, they're available in a full range of vibrant, glossy colors. At WAWAK, we offer two styles of Tex 27 (wt. 40) Isacord Embroidery Threads that are universally suitable for machine and industrial embroidery.

Standard Isacord Embroidery Threads are available in a wide variety of solid colors—over 300, in fact! These machine embroidery threads feature a glossy finish and consistent, vibrant color for smooth, shiny embroidery that lasts.

Isacord Variegated Embroidery Threads have all the durability, abrasion resistance, and colorfastness of standard Isacord threads, with a colorful twist! Each of these variegated embroidery threads sports a multi-colored dye pattern perfect for shading, decorative and fashion applications, and more.

Use this handy color chart to find the Isacord Embroidery Thread color you need.
Isacord Thread Chart | Isacord Embroidery Thread | Isacord Color Chart

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