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Madeira Embroidery Thread Color Chart

More than any other type of sewing, embroidery brings thread color front and center—meaning a good color match is critical! Madeira Embroidery Threads are available in so many vibrant, lustrous colors it's hard to go wrong. But, using our Madeira Embroidery Thread Color Chart, you can be extra confident in your color choice. Print or download the chart below, and check WAWAK to see all available Madeira Embroidery Thread colors.

Madeira Thread Chart | Madeira Embroidery Thread | Madeira Color Chart
Download our Madeira Thread Color Chart to reference embroidery thread colors before you order.


Because embroidery thread is so visible in a project, it's critical that machine embroidery threads not only look good, but are durable, too. Madeira Embroidery Threads have everything you need in a machine embroidery thread: vibrant color, glossy texture, and durability to match. These embroidery threads are designed to glide through the machine at high sewing speeds while minimizing thread looping, fraying, and breakage. The results? Smooth, consistent embroidered designs done quickly and efficiently! Three styles of Madeira Embroidery Threads are available: Rayon, Polyester, and Metallic.

Madeira Rayon Embroidery Thread

Madeira Rayon Embroidery Thread is a versatile machine embroidery thread suitable for a wide range of fabrics from lightweight silk to heavy leather. With a soft feel, glossy sheen, and vivid color, this thread is ideal for machine embroidery, quilting, decorative stitching, and other embellishments.

Madeira Polyneon Embroidery Thread

For heavier-duty embroidery projects, Madeira Polyneon is the ideal choice. This 100% polyester embroidery thread is durable and very colorfast; it's designed to withstand frequent or heavy-duty wash cycles and is even resistant to chlorine bleach! Try Madeira Polyneon for embroidery on uniforms, sports gear, workwear, or any embroidery that might encounter more contact or stress.

Madeira Metallic Embroidery Thread

Add a bit of shine to any embroidered design with Madeira Metallic Embroidery Thread. This polyester thread is wrapped with a holographic foil that creates a gem-like "metallic" sparkle. Metallic Embroidery Threads are ideal for costumes, fashion pieces, uniforms, and other decorative applications.


Use this handy color chart to find the Madeira Embroidery Thread color you need.
WAWAK Madeira Embroidery Thread Color Chart

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